Some custome espaliers available or grwn on to order 

- Tahitian Limes Regular and Dwarf : Medium (30-40cm pot and large 50cm pot)

- Lemons; Lisbon, Meyer and Eureka; grafted and non grafted available in 30cm-40cm pot on medium lattice. Dwarf Eureka and Dwarf Meyer Available. Two Eureka lemons espaliered into a cordon shape. Also lemons in 25-30cm pots on small lattice

- Kaffir Limes Regular ad Dwarf in 30-40cm pot on both small medium and one large

-Oranges: Washington Navel in 40cm pot on large lattice. Limited numbers of Washing Navel, Lanes Late Navel pruned into 2 D shape.

- Mission Olive : Developing Informal Espalier in 40cm pot on medium lattice

Eureka Seedless Lemon in Decorative Pot; Framed Black Lattice $220